“We are trying to both break news and deliver original analysis, and at the same time, curate the web.”


My name is Holly Lynne Henry. I am 25 years old, living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am currently the Online Producer at WTKR-TV NewsChannel 3 in Norfolk, Virginia. I work 6 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. I also produce for our sister station, WGNT. 

My passion for web and computers started when I was just a kid. My father used to sit with me for hours and teach me how to play computer games on our computer, think it was a Compaq, with the MS-DOS system and all. We also did logic problems together out of this old book I had. And he had me look up a new word out of the dictionary every single day. A true nerd! 


In elementary school and middle school I was enrolled in a part time gifted and talented program called ODC in the Virginia Beach Public School system. I attended for Art and Academics. Later on I took computer programming classes in high school (terrible) and then at Radford University I took a whole series of web design courses, not required, in addition to being a Media Studies Major with a Minor in Journalism and a minor in English.

Radford University, December 2008

I’ve designed sites for my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi; an architecture firm in Christiansburg;  worked in radio, board-opped, and done promotions; and now web for TV. I love being a web producer. I love anything fast-paced. It’s a perfect fit for me, things are always changing.

Winning the VA AP Broadcasters Award for Best Website at a TV Station, April 2011

When I am not behind the computer screen I am always working out. My favorite thing to do is run on the boardwalk for hours, listening to music. I also love hot yoga and pilates. And since the beach is my backyard, that’s where I always am too – even in the cold weather.



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