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Find WGNT and NewsChannel 3 on Pinterest

NewsChannel 3 and WGNT are now Taking Action and Getting Results – on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a social media website where you create online pinboards, where you can pin your favorite items, interests, or ideas – and organize them.

You then share your boards with others, or re-pin your friends’ posts.

For starters, you must have a Pinterest account to follow our activity and posts.

Create a Pinterest account by visiting

You will find WTKR on Pinterest by going to the search box and typing in “wtkr3“.

Then, our page will pop up.

Right now, we have six pinboards – News, Weather, Taking Action, Community News, Military Watch, and Don’t Waste Your Money.

Find your favorite segments and stories here, and re-pin them on your boards, and share them with your friends.

Got a cool idea you want to share with us on Pinterest? Be sure to follow us, and we will follow you back. That way your posts will show up in our feed, and we will re-post your pins from the community.

Do you have a pinboard suggestion for us? We are open to new ideas! Send us a tweet about your idea to @WTKR3.

‘Happy pinning!’

– Web Producer Holly Henry, WTKR and WGNT


Spartyka Boots and Utes 5K

On Sunday, June 10, 2012, runners took action for wounded warriors.

The Spartyka Boots and Utes 5K was held at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.

Runners put on their boots yesterday and took off for the run at the Sportsplex.

Spartyka Nation teamed up with The Boot Campaign for the 5K race.

Both organizations were created to show appreciation for our troops and raise money for charities that support wounded veterans.

Several people from the NewsChannel 3 team joined in on the run.

A lot of people took part – and one woman even came from out of state to participate.

“I`m here visiting from Iowa and my son was J.T. He was one of the SEALs that was killed last August that was in the helicopter crash and I`ve been training a little bit for a run that we`re having for him on the sixth of July in Iowa. So it was fun to do this today, it was really great.”

Taking Action to get you Free Stuff

Click here to view the video.

NewsChannel 3 and WGNT are taking action to get you free stuff.

For those of you who are new to our website, here is what you need to do.

Go to the homepage.

Take a look at the navigation bar at the top. Click on the ‘taking action’ tab.

To find the deals, click the ‘don’t waste your money’ tab.

Here, you will find a story collection of Juliet Bickford’s Consumer Reports stories. Those are helpful when you are comparing prices on things you want to buy. They also list different recalls and safety alerts on products.

To the right of those stories, you will find the ‘free stuff’ and ‘deal of the day’. Each are updated daily!

The Deal of the Day page looks like this.

You can see each new post – just click on the deal you want, and there is a link to a coupon that you may print.

Now, the Free Stuff page looks like this.

Sometimes, we will provide a link for you to access a coupon – and other times, we just give a written description of where to go and how to get the free item.

We update these coupons and deals daily – so you may want to bookmark these pages in your internet browser.

Taking action to get you free stuff, I’m Holly Henry –