Pose App for fashionistas

By Holly Henry, WGNT Online Producer

Here is a cool fashion app.

Pose can be downloaded on iPhone or Android for free.

When you create an account and log in, you can browse over thousands of styles and looks uploaded daily.











You can also share your favorite outfits and shopping finds. If you’re in the mood, there is also an option to chat with other fashion-forward users.












The app gives you the option to follow your friends and style influencers – like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, model Coco Rocha, and fashion bloggers Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) and Geri Hirsch (Because I’m Addicted) on Pose and see what they’re wearing in real-time.











The folks at Pose encourage users to join a network of trendsetters, share favorite styles, get feedback on your finds, and discover inspiring styles from around the world all with Pose’s free platform!

Pose is unique to other apps because it is specifically for fashion, clothing, and accessories.

Click here for a free Pose tutorial.









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