Boil order issued for Sandbridge residents

By Holly Henry, WTKR Online Producer

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Officials are advising Sandbridge residents to boil water before drinking as a result of a water main break Friday morning.

The water main break occurred at approximately 3 a.m. on February 17, 2012. 

A “boil water” notice has been issued for Virginia Beach residents on the public water system who live in the Sandbridge Beach community, and the two realty companies on Sandbridge Road.

The boil order will remain in effect until further notice, officials say. It does not include Dam Neck Military Base.

Officials say that once the public water is restored, it may be used to wash clothes, flush toilets, or for other non-consumptive uses.  However, prior to drinking water from the city’s public water system or using it for food preparation, residents are advised to bring the water to a rolling boil for approximately one minute. This will destroy bacteria that may have contaminated the drinking water.

Emergency crews are warning residents to use extreme caution with boiling water, to avoid burns. Allow the water to cool before using.

Hot tap water or water from a hot water heater are not substitutes for boiling water, as the water may not be hot enough to destroy the bacteria.

Crews say if your freezer has an automatic icemaker, discard all the ice cubes and turn off the icemaker until the “boil water” notice is lifted.

Virginia Beach Public Utilities employees are working to restore the water quality as soon as possible. If you have questions regarding the notice, please call the Virginia Beach Public Utilities Laboratory from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 385-1400. On weekends or after normal business hours, call 385-3111.






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